We’ll be there when you need us!

jumpstartKonaTowing.com is your one stop 24/7 emergency towing service in thflatbede Kona area and Northern Hawaii county. If your vehicle breaks down we will
be right there to put you back into safety. Give us a call, we will be right there!

KonaTowing.com can help you if you lock yourself out of your car. We have experienced locksmiths to safely access your car and remove keys
if they are stuck in the ignition or locked in the car. We will be there 24/7 to help you out.

Did you just have a flat tire and need help? Don’t panic! We will be right there to help change your tire or bring you a new mounted one.

Battery dead in an awkward time or place and can’t get help? We will be right there to jump start your flattirevehicle. We pride ourselves to be the best towing service in the Kona area. We provide quick and friendlyCoupleWithCarKeys
services that
can get you back on the road. We provide local pick-up services. Contact us for more information. KonaTowing.com is committed to handling all our customers’ towing needs, no matter how big or small. At KonaTowing.com we respond quickly to those facing car trouble related to lockouts or stalls. We have the equipment. Our flatbed tow trucks will do the job right every time.



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